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Изопропиловый спирт

Isopropanol is a secondary alcohol of the aliphatic series. It is capable of forming various esters, reacts with active metals, and derivatives, for example, isopropylbenzene, are obtained by condensation with aromatic compounds. An excellent solvent itself dissolves in benzene and acetone, and mixes in any proportions with water and organic solvents.

Isopropanol dissolves well natural and some synthetic resins, ethyl cellulose, polyvinyl butyral, most oils. Not suitable for working with rubbers and some plastics. It forms an azeotropic mixture with water, consisting of 87.9% propanol-2. It does not enter into chemical reactions with salt solutions, which is used to isolate it from an aqueous solution.

The use of isopropyl alcohol:
Its main scope is as a solvent in industry, in perfumery, in household chemicals, in repellents

It is also used:
- In the automotive industry. The property of IPA to freeze at very low temperatures is especially appreciated. The higher the concentration of isopropanol in the solution, the lower the freezing point of the liquid. It is used in antifreezes, wipers, added to gasoline.
- In medicine - as a disinfectant (tampons and napkins are impregnated with a 60-70% solution, clean hands).
- As an intermediate in the preparation of other chemicals in chemistry. Acetone, isopropylbenzene are obtained from isopropanol on an industrial scale.
- In pharmacology, they are used in analyzes using gas chromatography.
- For the conservation of organic materials (an alternative to formaldehyde), for the preservation of analyzes in medicine and biology.
- Isopropyl alcohol as a cleaner is used in electrical engineering, electronics, metallurgy, in furniture and fiber optic production, etc.
- At home. Propanol-2 is less toxic than most solvents used on the farm. With it, stains, glue, oils, paint, dirt from fabrics, paper, wooden, metal and glass surfaces are hit.

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