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Метилацетат (заменитель ацетона,этилацетата)

Methyl acetate - properties, characteristics:
Methyl acetate is a chemical element. In appearance, it is a completely transparent liquid that does not have a certain color, outwardly resembling plain water. In water, this substance is poorly soluble. To dilute a chemical element, it is recommended to use some kind of organic solvent. It can be ether or for example ethanol. Methyl acetate itself is a universal solvent and is very often used in many industries. Most often they dissolve paints, resins, polymers, various pigments, as well as elements such as ethyl cellulose and nitrocellulose.

Chemists give their definition of a substance - methyl acetate. They define the above substance as acetic acid methyl ester. Despite the fact that methyl acetate is liquid and transparent, it is easy to distinguish it from other substances. This will help the characteristic very light smell. You can compare it with the smell of sweet fruit. Sometimes it is used as a flavoring additive to any substances. But the main application is a substitute for acetone, and the smell in this case plays an important role. It has almost the same properties and does not have such a pungent odor, making it easier to tolerate. Methyl acetate can itself serve as an independent solvent, and also act as one of the components that is often added to various industrial solvents. Mix it with ethyl or alcohol.

Practical use of methyl acetate:
Methyl acetate has a number of unique properties, due to which this ether is used in a variety of industries. It is methyl acetate that is used as an effective solvent in the production of adhesives, polymethyl methacrylate, synthetic resins, as well as in the manufacture of paints and varnishes. In addition, methyl acetate serves as a solvent for vegetable or animal fats and cellulose ethers.
In modern analytical chemistry, methyl acetate is used as an extractant and component for many solvents. This substance is the main reagent for the separation of lithium chloride from chlorides of other alkali metals. Methyl acetate is widely used in the modern food industry. This substance is chosen as an aromatic additive for various food products.
It is recommended to store methyl acetate at room temperature in closed containers.
Density - 0.9 kg / dm3

Наименование ГОСТ/ТУ Тара Ед. изм. до 1000 ед. более 1000 ед.
Метилацетат (заменитель ацетона,этилацетата)  ТУ 2435-063-00203766-2001 с изм №1-2  налив кг 23 19
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