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Уайт-спирит (нефрас С4-155/200)

White-Spirit is a colorless or slightly yellowish mixture of liquid hydrocarbons with a specific odor. This is the most famous organic solvent, which has been widely used both in factories, enterprises, and in everyday life. It has low toxicity. It has a homogeneous composition without signs of delamination. It evaporates quickly.

Areas of Application of White Spirit:
- as a solvent in the paint and varnish, rubber, chemical and food industries;
- as a solvent for all petroleum fractions, vegetable oils and fats, organic compounds of sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen;
-like raw materials in the production of bitumen and their derivatives;
-for dilution and production of oil paints, alkyd enamels and varnishes, mastics based on bitumen and rubber;
-for dilution of butyl rubbers, cyclo-rubbers,
 polybutyl methacrylate, epoxy esters;
-for the dilution of oil, alkyd, oil-resin, bitumen, bitumen-oil, glyphthal, pentaphthalic, phenolic varnishes and enamels;
-for breeding primers, and automotive mastics;
-for washing and cleaning of mechanisms, tools and parts;
-for degreasing surfaces (glass, metal, wood, hard rubber) before painting, which significantly improves the quality of painting;
-for diluting thickened paint (up to 10%);
-for pre-treatment of various surfaces;
-for the removal of oil, bitumen and wax contaminants from various materials;
-for the removal of organic stains from floor coverings (linoleum, laminate, wooden parquet);
-for removal of a protective film from a plastic window;
-for the production of drying oil.

Наименование ГОСТ/ТУ Тара Ед. изм. до 1000 ед. более 1000 ед.
Уайт-спирит (нефрас С4-155/200)  ТУ У 320.00158764.028-2000  налив кг 24 Договорная
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